Sisters and girls now can learn the Holy Quran from female Quran teacher and tutors online. Ourfemale Quran teachers are well aware of Tajweed and Tarteel rules. Sisters can have classes with English speaking and Urdu Speaking sister.

About Us

Faizi Quran Academy is an online school registered in the state of Maryland, USA. It is the pioneer among all the online quran reading and learning service providers.Faizi Quran Academy is not just some online Quran tutoring service provider, rather it was initiated and is currently run by the executive who shares the list of USA’s “Fortune 500”. With his broad vision and experience in the High Tech industry and running educational institutions, he conceived the idea of Faizi Quran Academy which has become a brand at present.


The experienced tutors at Faizi Quran Academy share the vision of their CEO and believe that the prestigious duty of offering Quran education should be performed with utmost dedication and commitment. Moreover, the organization also believes that the process of learning must be as simple and facilitating as possible.